Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Jamacian Queen

A sexy jamacian queen,
sexy is what i mean,
a dancing  queen,
chocolaty brown,
beautifully round,
she loves to dance to the drum beats,
makes you want to get up out your seats,
slowly grinds her way into your heart,
wishing you were a part,
seeing her move smiling at you,
flirting with you,
she making you rise,
not the sunrise,
thrilling you,
mesmerizing you,
filling your mind,
she is sooo fine,
you are filled with fire,
and lustful desire,
you look stupified,
and can't hide,
the delight in your eyes,
your urges denies,
the madness,
of her sexiness,
giving you pleasure,
beyond measure,
oh jamacian queen,
don't be so mean,
the way she move
and groves,
you can't sit still,
take your pill,
she's giving you a heart attack,
and thats a fact
she ain't holding nothing back,
now she's shaking it,
you want it,
but can't get it,
that Jamaican Queen!

-Harry Clark
dedicated to Jody Sparkle

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