Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sexy Queen Florence

Sexy queen florence,
beautiful queen florence,
so sexy, so beautiful,
so wonderful,
if you were my queen,
my beautiful queen,
i would bring you flowers,
and april showers,
i hear the beat of mellow sounding drums,
where sound of music comes from,
her beautiful eyes,
he sexy thighs,
as she dance,
i think of romance,
kissing her lips,
caressing her finger tips,
a sexy queen,
who few have seen,
she's so fine,
lips sweeter than the best wine,
i treasure her,
i long to see her,
love and adore her,
yes yes yessssssssss,
she is the best,
i long to to touch her,
to fully love her,
giving her,
never neglecting her,
giving her my best,
my very best,
to my sexy queen,

-Harry Clark


josiah46 said...

One of Afrika's most beautiful Queens, most beautiful and desirable, muah.

josiah46 said...

you are the sweetest