Sunday, January 9, 2011

Queen Brittany

Queen Brittany it's a fact,
that you brought sexy back,
mean, clean,
beautiful love machine,
you got it,
you got itttttttttt,
you set men on fire,
filling them with love n desire,
her man,
doing all he can,
to keep her,
to fullfill her,
he every need,
on which shefeed,
a sexy queen,
she mean,
she badd,
real badd,
you can't posess her,
only look upon her,
earthly beauty,
true beauty,
those dimples so deep,
makes you weep,
with fire,
and deep desire,
oh Queen Brittany,
what more can i say,
you are the fire,
of every man's desire,
you can look upon her,
but you can't touch her.

-Harry Clark

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