Saturday, March 19, 2011


You were once my love,
a true love,
we stood still,
but time could not be still,
we loved but not each other,
always another,
you are in a better place,
a safer place,
only God knows your secrets,
the secrets,
that you lived with in your heart,
if only i could have had a part,
we all have but a little time,
precious little time,
we come with nothing,
we take nothing,
but others having memories,
bittersweet memories,
of what could be,
or not be,
but what is,
is what it is,
i miss you maxine,
a beautiful queen,
that life left,
a hole in the cleft,
of my heart,
yes,  many a heart.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


She's first a lady,
nothing shady,
she's a ray of sunshine,
she's oh so fine,
she's a beautiful mother,
sweet like no other,
she has a heart of gold,
she's warm,not cold,
she gives you chills,
fever and thrills,
she's wonderful,
she's beautiful,
she's oh so sweet,
lovable and poteet,
long shinning hair,
beautiful hair,
beautiful black queen,
oh my queen,
you have captured my heart,
yes my silly heart,
from yo i can never part,
skin so smooth, so soft,
so delicate, so soft.

- harry Clark

Monday, March 7, 2011


Mocha brown,
coffee brown,
jamaican queen,
shes mean,
she's lean,
marsha the queen,
she gives,
she lives,
love so deep,
it makes you weep,
loving her,
giving her,
the love of a lifetime,
oh beautiful queen,
one more beautiful I've not seen.

-By Harry Clark