Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kings Treat Your Queens

Treat your Queen with respect,
not with neglect,
give her your love,
not make believe love,
but true love,
give her honesty,
and loyalty,
she cleans  for you,
have children for you,
she gives you her all,
give her your all,
not fifty percent,
but a hundred and ten percent,
if you want her respect,
her full respect,
be affectionate,
don't be obstanante,
kiss her,
hold her,
give her that special touch,
other things and such,
fill her with desire,
quench her fire,
respect her,
never neglect her,
disrespect her,
and you'll lose her,
so give her what she wants,
when she wants,
she'll be yours for life,
your queen, your wife.

-Harry Clark

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josiah46 said...

this is good just subject masculine gender for femine gender