Tuesday, December 28, 2010

African Queen 2

 She is a beautiful queen,
like one i have not seen,
her eyes i cannot describe,
i can only describe her,
and love her,
what she means to me,
and not what she could be,
her laughter, it it captivates my heart,
i know we shall never part,
do not forsake me,
just love love me,
i give you my heart,
and hope we never part,
until i lie,
and die,
devoid of life,
for now be my wife,
so that i my continue life,
though you are thousands of miles away,
i can truly say,
love with you,
yes my queen,
is better than ones i can see,
how better can love be,
but here i can only dream of her,
love her from afar,
my queen Esther,
no one best her,
my queen,
thou beauty my eyes ave not seen,
i adore you,
my heart aches for you,
needing you loving you, 
you are African Queen 2.

-Harry Clark
dedicated to Esthertony Dudu

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josiah46 said...

This dedicated to an African beauty, Esthertony Dudu.