Monday, December 6, 2010

A King And His Oueen

My queen,
whom very few have seen,
she's beautiful,
she's wonderful,
she has class,
a little sass,
I adore her,
I love her,
her beauty,
her duty,
she never let go,
she lets her king know,
he is her man,
that he is her only man,
he treats her like precious gold,
she is his to hold,
when she is cold,
she loves him,
she gives all to him,
he gives to her his heart,
she warms his heart,
he looks into her eyes,
and listens as she sighs,
he thanks God for her love,
that comes from above,
he loves her,
he needs her,
he respects her,
and gives her,
all she desires,
a king and his queen,
whom very few have ever seen.

_Harry Clark


Rebel Jewel said...

AAAAAH Thank you!

josiah46 said...

Words alone could never do you justice