Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lady Rochelle

Its been a while,
my beautiful woman-child,
a woman yet a child,
a child in heart so lovingly beautiful,
and wonderful,
A woman so responsible,
so admirable,
A queen, a princess,
A woman of class,
such beauty to behold,
that never grows old,
a woman-child,
with the greatest smile,
A beautiful woman,
A loving woman,
A total woman,
I'm blessed to know her,
to absolutely love and adore her,
for who she is now and always,
Lady Rochelle, A lady always,
your lovely eyes,
your sighs,
A Queen you are,
nothing less than a star,
a heavenly star,
Lady Rochelle shining bright,
through day and night,
you are,
what you are,
nothing more, nothing less,
than the very best,

-By Harry Clark  4/20/2013