Monday, March 4, 2013


My lovely and beautiful DeNise,
for you my caring will never cease,
most beautiful DeNise,
though many miles away,
you still make my day,
that attitude,
that fortitude,
makes my heart yearn for younger days,
those were the days,
a princess, a queen,
a beautiful black queen,
when I heard from you today,
I had much to say,
but back in the day,
you had me so mixed up inside,
I tried to hide,
I wrote poetry for you,
ballads for you,
I was in awe of you,
I should have said more,
yes much more,
you are in my my life again,
never, ever, ever again,
will I lose touch,
your presence means s much.

-Harry Clark

1 comment:

josiah46 said...

You are beautiful my friend, a true African-American Queen !!!