Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lady Rochelle

Its been a while,
my beautiful woman-child,
a woman yet a child,
a child in heart so lovingly beautiful,
and wonderful,
A woman so responsible,
so admirable,
A queen, a princess,
A woman of class,
such beauty to behold,
that never grows old,
a woman-child,
with the greatest smile,
A beautiful woman,
A loving woman,
A total woman,
I'm blessed to know her,
to absolutely love and adore her,
for who she is now and always,
Lady Rochelle, A lady always,
your lovely eyes,
your sighs,
A Queen you are,
nothing less than a star,
a heavenly star,
Lady Rochelle shining bright,
through day and night,
you are,
what you are,
nothing more, nothing less,
than the very best,

-By Harry Clark  4/20/2013

Monday, March 4, 2013


My lovely and beautiful DeNise,
for you my caring will never cease,
most beautiful DeNise,
though many miles away,
you still make my day,
that attitude,
that fortitude,
makes my heart yearn for younger days,
those were the days,
a princess, a queen,
a beautiful black queen,
when I heard from you today,
I had much to say,
but back in the day,
you had me so mixed up inside,
I tried to hide,
I wrote poetry for you,
ballads for you,
I was in awe of you,
I should have said more,
yes much more,
you are in my my life again,
never, ever, ever again,
will I lose touch,
your presence means s much.

-Harry Clark

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Nigerian Queen

Nigerian queen,
most beautiful ever seen,
you are wonderful,
and so beautiful,
she has found her king,
for her will sing,
just her touch,
sweet things and such,
dark and lovely skin,
for those asking,
yes, her heart is taken,
by her nigerian king,
he makes her heart sing,
he loves her,
he wants her.
he needs her,
forever in his arms,
to know her charms.

By Harry Clark


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Empress,, My Princess

My empress,
My princess,
My completeness,
You are,
My morning star,
The beauty to my eyes,
As the  moon is to the skies,
The dimples in you cheek,
The way you speak,
Thrills me,
consumes me,
With the essence of your charms,
Within your loving arms,
Those Asian eyes,
Evokes ecstatic sighs,
From within my mind,
Mentally touching you,
My empress,
My princess,
To touch you,
To taste the sweetness you,
Is a heavenly delight,
By day or by night,
Yes my empress,
My princess,
M y sweetness.

- Harry Clark

For a Special Lady
Mary Nguyen

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Princess Mary

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My beautiful princess,
my lovely sexy princess,
to love you,
would be a dream come true,
my Asian beauty from Texas,
who loves a Lexus,
sexy as she want to be,
can you see,
the vision of her loveliness,
her kindness,
she nothing less,
than a true princess,
you see her,
you love her,
in all her Asian beauty,
ahhhh beauty, beauty,beauty,
as far as your can see,
can you quench her desire, 
of untold desire,
your heart pounds with great desire,
you cannot own her,
only love her,
obey her,
spoil her,
give her your all,
at her beck and call,
princess Mary, my sweet princess,
a vision of sweetness,
and sexiness,
she can be yours in your dreams,
your sweetest dreams, 
oh sweet, sweet Mary,
sweet kind and delicious Mary,
the fire,
and desire,
of every man's delight,
day or night.

-By Harry Clark

A tribute to  Mary
Love you Princess Mary

Saturday, August 25, 2012


My daughter, my baby girl,
my whole world,
i love you,
since the day i first saw you,
my heart is glad,
my soul is glad,
my memz,
my lovely memz,
my daughter,
my lovely and beautiful daughter,
if i were not your dad,
i would be very sad,
you are your dads delight,
morning noon and night,
my sweet memz.