Sunday, December 19, 2010

Empress NaDia

She's wonderful,
oh so beautiful,
warm as a summer breeze,
she glides across the room with ease,
you look in those eyes so captivating,
so intoxicating,
they give you chills,
they give you thrills,
she is so loving,
and giving,
she has treasure,
no man can measure,
oh yes, Empress NaDia so sweet,
so delicate, so complete,
so full of passionate desire,
and heart warming fire,
i hear those beats of a  distant drum,
they saying come,
oh Empress,
i foolishly try to impress,
as she passes by,
i see a twinkle in her eye,
it  seem,
to be a dream,
if only it were a dream,
she's oh so real,
you can feel,
her presence,
Empress NaDia.

-Harry Clark


NaDia said...
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Anonymous said...

Still a beautiful poem.